Learn Classical Guitar

There are a lot of instruments that you can learn to play. And the Classical guitar is one with a very long heritage and a stunning array of music. Everybody agrees that this is an instrument that creates beautiful music. And, the guitar itself is something that many people have passion about and want to play. And the classical guitar is a branch of guitar that is an excellent option if you want to learn a wide array of music. It is suitable for classical music ranging from the earliest baroque right through the modern composers. And it is also suitable for a lot of international music like Spanish and flamenco.

Learning to play classical guitar is a great hobby and can be very rewarding but it does take some time and effort to learn it. But it is something that can bring a lifetime of rewarding music and performance even if you are just performing it for yourself.


What is Needed

There are a few things that you need if you want to pursue classical guitar playing as a hobby:

  • A Classical Guitar
  • Strings and I recommend at least two pair of strings
  • A book that teaches you how to play (optionally with a DVD or CD)
  • Optionally a music stand and a foot rest


A Classical Guitar

A Classical Guitar is your instrument and it willl cost you anwhere from about One Hundred dollars and up. For a beginner I recommend you start with a guitar made by the Yamaha company. They make great quality instruments at very reasonable prices. Amazon.com Carries a wide selection of them: Yamaha Classical Guitars on Amazon.com



My Recommendation: Yamaha C40 Full Size Nylon-String Classical Guitar





The Strings

The strings on a classical guitar are different than the strings on a folk or rock guitar. On those guitars the strings are steel. But on the classical guitar the strings are nylon and silver. They have a very different sound. I recommend you get at least two sets of strings because if you break one string, which happens, you still have a spare set.

D'Addario EJ45 Pro-Arte Classical Guitar Strings Normal Wound Clear Nylon





A Book

I recommend you get an instruction book that covers all the beginners bases including the parts of the guitar, how to hold it and how to care for it. And it should come with a dvd or cd rom so you can hear what is going on or watch as someone places fingers on the fingerboard.

Classical Guitar For Dummies






Biggest Challenge

Often times tuning the guitar is an early roadblock that will discourage someone from learning how to play at a very early stage. But, tuning the guitar is something that comes very quickly and once you get it you will be very comfortable with it and over your first challenge. You can get yourself some kind of an inexpensive electronic tuner that will make it very easy for you. Here is an example: Korg GA-40 Large Display Guitar and Bass Tuner   The real Biggest challenge to playing the classical guitar is without a doubt learning how to read music. But you don't necessarily have to learn how to read traditional note music. The notation called Tablature is very popular and just about every piece of guitar music ever written is available in Tablature.


The Expense to get started

Starting out with the classical guitar will be a bit of an expense. You will have to buy a guitar and an instruction book. This will run you in the range of $100- $150. And after that you will need to change the strings every six months which costs around ten dollars. Then the only expense isany sheet music you want to buy or the fee for an instructor. But with the internet you can find thousands of pieces of sheet music for free.


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This video shows a contemporary piece being played on the classical guitar. The work is Starry Starry Night by Don Mclean. The guitarist is not a professional, just a hobbyist who loves the guitar.